"Dwell" Show September 3 - September 25, 2011

I was pleased and honored to take part in the recent group show at Grand Central Art center, where I gave a sneak peak of several images from a book I have been working on with Renee Rose-Perry. The book "Iron John" is a new exploration of Grim Fairy Tales and features over a 100 illustrations.

The show also included works by 18 photographers, illustrators, painters, printmakers, designers, sculptors, ceramists, and glass artists. 

Reoccuring Favorites included: Monica Chapon, John Hedrick, Tiffany Ma, Kevin Stewart-Magee, Mel Johnson, Marvin Chow, Devora Orantes, Bonnie Massey, Jacob Lecuyer, Derek Borges, and Juliana Rico. 

Emerging Favorites included: Sara Dehghan, Christina Lee, Pascual Arriaga, Robert Brown, Davettia Hill, Celeste Smith, and Patrick Faulk.