Perspective Crash Course
 this weekend at SFUAD:

Oldie but a goodie

Here's an old life drawing I ran across from my student days. It felt sooooooooo good to get a nice drawing back then (still does, but practice makes the good ones come on a more predictable schedule now.).

Look I even did a little value thumbnail before I began (what a good student). :)

Polyuna races!

Here's an updated version of the concept work for most of the races in my web comic  Everyone Does Their Chores in Polyuna

You can view and help support the comic (which at the time of this post still needs a big update scheduled for summer 2016) here: or here:

Unicorn concepts

Here's some crazy unicorn concepts I made for a Make a Wish foundation project I worked on.

Alien concepts

Here are a few of the concepts for the races in my online comic Everyone Does Their Chores in Polyuna. I should have an updated version with many more races soon. You can view the comic  here: or here:

Dragon sketches

Head shape practice/fun

Two more from Moons of Z

 You can view the project here: or here:

Concepts for The Moons of Zahein

Concepts for one of my current book projects; which at the writing of this post is very much in progress You can view the beginnings of the book here: or here:

Digital portrait in two stages

Face Studies

Attempting to study/understand/capture female beauty.

Life painting sketches

Anatomy cheats

You can find these and many, many more resources at my class blog:

Personal abstract color studies

I made these in an art therapy class, they are a representation of my life over the last decade. A journey with a very difficult start and a very beautiful end.

Eye studies