Way behind. Here's why.

I'm about a year behind with art posts. Just lazy? Preoccupied perhaps, with life and other "priorities"? Well maybe, but mostly I just got hit really hard in the hip by a speeding car. This is old news to many of you but, in case you didn't know I got the bumper kiss of death back in May of 2011. Since that time I have been making a slow recovery back to mostly normal heath. Wheelchairs, walkers, canes, you name it. I spent about a month in the hospital, including a very invasive surgery which implanted 3 long titanium snakes in my hip. Here's some photos including the incision, a couple X-rays of my new metallic accessories and the car I was in when I got T-boned. Incidentally the jaws of life couldn't' get my car open so the fire department had to saw off the entire roof of my cute little Toyota Cellica (see below)... Any-who it's great to be back! Thank you very kindly for all your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement during my ongoing recovery process. And...Look for new and somewhat regular art post from me for a while to come. =)