"ekpneo: I let go" Show June 4 - June 26, 2011

Thank you for making it down to Grand Central Art Center to see the collaborative group show "I let go". Above are a couple of pieces from the show including a collaborative project between me and Eric Leonard Jones.

Eric Leonard Jones painted a portrait of ten different artists on a canvas with the dimensions the artists normally uses. Once Jones was finished with each portrait, he then handed the portrait to the artist and then they painted whatever they wanted on the piece. They either treated the portrait as if it had nothing on it or just reacted to what was already there. The final stage was Jones taking the piece back and reacting to what the previous artist had done, having the same choices to do whatever he wanted to do to it. These pieces are the results. 

Besides myself Collaborating Artists included: Matt Frantz, Julie Kirk, Damon Luan, Yevgeniya Mikhailik, Matthew William Miller, Daniel Porras, Joy Shannon, Kevin Stewart-Magee, and Patrick Strand. 

The series has to do with letting go of my pride spiritually and physically. I prayed a silent prayer to God, what would happen if I gave my precious life to God. And asked the question out loud, what would happen if I put my precious painting in someone else's hands.
-Eric Leonard Jones