Videos, Demo's interviews, etc.

Me teaching students how to sculpt characters and create original kit-bashed vehicle designs.

Disney artist David Gardner and I give a brief synopsis of the Digital art and Visual Development program we developed for Santa Fe University of Art and Design...ADDED BONUS: I say "like" about 20 times, guess that's why they don't usually do these things on one take.

CNN does a GEEK CHAT section on their website, here's a brief 2015 interview I did for them.

LOTR Blue wizard painting: Painted in Procreate on an iPad

Promotional painting for my online comic Everyone Does Thier Chores in Polyuna: 
Painted in Procreate on an iPad

A fun character interaction demo for students at the Art Institute of Orange County.

A quick Catwoman sketch complete with Cornish-Rex, Exotic, and Scottish Fold cat armada.

A quick sketch of a Street Fighting legend!

Vehicle demo inspired by the designs of Syd Mead.

Space ship demo inspired by the designs of John Berkey.