Digital sketching in San Francisco.

*I found one last set of Iphone sketches . I would personally recommend getting "Brushes" as a digital sketch app and using a PenGo Stylus to sketch with if you wanna try mobile sketching. Most of these were drawn on the B.A.R.T. (Bay Area Rapid Transit) during a trip I took to San Francisco. P.S. don't ever refer to the city as "Frisco", it's a noob way to say the city name and locals will scorn you in thier hearts and minds. In fact when I lived there I used to pass by a Laundry mat named called "Don't Call it Frisco" Laundry...enjoy.

*Update  Sep 2013: I would now suggest using Procreate as a mobile art app. For non pressure sensitive styluses (or is it styli?) I still like the PenGo stylus because of it's removable tips.