Cell phone painting!

Have you been looking for a quick way to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Or are you simply trying to find an activity that will push your repetitive stress disorder even further? Well friend, I have the answer you have been looking for. Have you considered trying to digitally paint on a cell phone?
Here's a bunch of characters drawn and painted from life with a stylus and an old jail broken I-phone. Painting on a phone is great because no one catches you sketching them, they just think your texting someone or playing a game, buy OY-Vey painting on that little surface gives you such a crick in the neck! (and wrist)...Anyway enjoy these phone paintings of characters inspired by real people on buses, in malls, in bars, and other every day situations.
p.s. If your from my home town, you may recognize a few folks from Bar of America. I popped in to visit a few friends and did a couple sketches there on my last trip.