Anna Marie Raven (oil/digital touch ups)

This is another oil figure study I started at Studio Second street and finished at home. This one is 95% palette knife.When I was applying to grad school Last year I needed one more Illustration to add to my submission materials. After I finished the paining I made a separate painting of the x logo and the white stripe of hair with gouache and palette knife scanned them in, and added them, and the frame in Photoshop. The Idea was to turn this fine art type portrait, into an illustration of Rouge from the x men. When I met the grad committee I told them it was a portrait of Rouge that would hang on Charles Xavier's wall. The grad committee didn't really buy it as an illustration, but I did end up getting in to the program. If you zoom in you can see the name plate on the frame which reads Anna Marie Raven, Rouges (supposed) real name.